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Continuous Enrollment Contract

Continuous Enrollment allows Belvoir Christian Academy (BCA) to better fulfill our purpose and mission in the lives of students. When students are continuously enrolled, from their initial enrollment until they graduate from BCA, the continuous enrollment process lets us maximize our resources to provide the best Christian education to our families at the highest level of excellence.

I understand, and agree that this contract extends until the graduation of my BCA child or the termination of this contract as provided herein. Accordingly, I understand the term of this contract shall be in effect from the date of inception of this contract and shall renew automatically for each successive academic year until graduation from BCA.

I agree that I have until the last day of February each year to notify the Belvoir Christian Academy Business Office of any changes in my plans for enrollment of my child. Furthermore, for kindergarten through eighth grade, a 5% tuition deposit (posted on BCA website by February 1) for the following year's tuition will be billed to my HeadMaster account on March 1. I acknowledge the tuition deposit is due on or before March 1 and is non–refundable.

For kindergarten through eighth grade, if I breach this contract by withdrawing my child after March 1, I understand that I will be contractually obligated to pay 1 month of tuition as penalty. If I withdraw my child on or after August 1 and prior to the beginning of the school year, I understand that I will be contractually obligated to pay 2 months of the following year's tuition as penalty. In the event of the following unique circumstances, I will be required to make only those payments which will bring my tuition balance to a current status based on the school’s fiscal year:

  • Moving/Relocation 30+ miles away from Belvoir Christian Academy.
  • Educational needs for the student that can no longer be met at Belvoir Christian Academy as determined by Administration.
  • Disenrollment at the request of Belvoir Christian Academy.
  • Other unforeseen circumstances that our Board of Directors may approve.

After the start of the school year, should my child withdraw or be dismissed from BCA for any reason not excluded above, I am responsible for the cost of tuition prorated based on 180 days (the number of days in the school year) plus a $200 withdrawal fee. In addition, withdrawals after school starts will be assessed 2 month’s tuition. Payments will be drafted from the on-line tuition payment system until the tuition obligation is fulfilled. Student records will not be released until the account is paid in full. Application fees and tuition deposits are non-refundable regardless of the number of days a student attends BCA.

For infants through preschool, a two week notice of withdrawal is required. Monies owed will be the cost of tuition based on the number of weeks attended, including the two week notice.

For additional details, please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook for complete financial information and withdrawal policy.

  1. Continuous enrollment requires two forms. After you complete the first form you will automatically be taken to the second. You must complete BOTH forms.
  2. Your Social Security Number and payment information must be entered on the second form. Please have that information at hand.
  3. Your Information is collected over SSL and stored only on our PCI compliant servers at BCA. Your information is NOT accessible to the Internet.
  4. If you have questions about completing your child’s enrollment please call 423-622-3755, ext. 12