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response to intervention

Recognizing and responding proactively to student’s academic needs – That’s the primary goal in adding our Response to Intervention (RTI)) program, led by Jamie Sunderland, and assisted by Ann Bolden, first grade teacher, and Kathleen Pacenti, former BCA parent who also specializes in supporting students with dyslexia. 

“RTI is a multi-tier approach to student learning,” said Sunderland. “What this means is, just as all children are not the same, not all learners will learn the same way.” BCA’s program is designed to meet the diverse needs of all our students, whether that need is phonics, reading, writing or math.

“RTI is not a ‘wait and see’ approach to academic success,” she continued. “Instead, RTI aims to identify struggling students early on through benchmark assessments and gives them the support they need to thrive in school.”

BCA’s program is offered to students in kindergarten through eighth grade in either a small group or one-on-one setting. Kathleen Pacenti works with our kindergarten students, primarily focusing on expanding their phonics foundation. Ann Bolden focuses on first and second grade students who also need additional support in reading and phonics, while Jamie Sunderland meets with the third through eighth grade students who need support in reading, writing and math. 

“We’re already seeing the positive results of RTI,” Sunderland concluded. “I love seeing their faces light up when they feel they’ve mastered a skill they’ve been struggling with in the classroom. I definitely feel that RTI has been fulfilling for me as a teacher, and hope to continue in the program here at BCA.” 

Students who need this service will identified through teacher observation and assessments throughout the year. 

                 Jamie Sunderland            Ann Bolden            Kathleen Pacenti