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continuous enrollment

Continuous Enrollment - Set it and Forget it! When families initially enroll their student(s), they are required to complete the Continuous Enrollment Contract and Joyful Response Payment form. Once submitted, families will not have to repeat this online process, as Continuous Enrollment keeps families enrolled year after year. 

click here to complete your continuous enrollment contract and joyful response form.


What is Continuous Enrollment?

The "Continuous Enrollment" program replaces the annual re-enrollment process. Once all of our families complete the initial Continuous Enrollment contract, re-enrollment season (January through February) will simply be a communication reminder from the Enrollment/Business Office informing families who might be thinking about leaving BCA to notify us prior to the end of February. This means the vast majority of BCA families will have the convenience of ignoring this message and doing absolutely no paperwork! Families of kindergarten - eighth grade students would simply make plans to pay the 5% enrollment deposit by March 1 each year. (Our business office will automatically draft this amount unless families direct us otherwise.) 

What’s the penalty if I break this contract? (Fees associated to withdrawal process) 

For kindergarten through eighth grade - 1 month of tuition if after March 1; 2 months of tuition if on or after August 1. BCA families who are re-enrolled, but break the contract by disenrolling their student(s) after the specified date will be contractually obligated to pay 1 or 2 month(s) of tuition. While the penalty may seem steep, many schools require a semester or even a year of tuition once a family is enrolled for the following year .

Please note - On March 1 of each year, the business office will automatically draft the 5% tuition deposit for each student who is rising kindergarten - eighth grade. After March 1, if a family contacts the business office stating intentions to disenroll, the family will be required to pay the above tuition, plus a $200 withdrawal fee.  

Families who withdraw properly prior to March 1, or are  not eligible to re-enroll as of that date, may choose to re-enroll at a later date. For that process, a $200 non-refundable re-enrollment fee is required. 

What about unique circumstances? 

Families often plan on keeping their child/ren at BCA until they graduate, but God may have other plans for families. In unique circumstances that arise, we have built flexibility into the Continuous Enrollment contract. 

The following unique circumstances, for families withdrawing after March 1, will be considered for exemption of the financial tuition penalty:

•  Moving/Relocation 30+ miles away from Belvoir Christian Academy.
•  Educational needs for the student that can no longer be met at Belvoir Christian Academy as determined by Administration.
•  Disenrollment at the request of Belvoir Christian Academy.
•  Other unforeseen circumstances that our Board of Directors may approve.
  Under these unique circumstances, only those payments which will bring the tuition balance to a current status based on     the  school’s fiscal year will be required.

What does the Continuous Enrollment Contract look like?

•  I hereby opt into continuous enrollment. This means that my BCA student(s) will keep coming back to BCA every year unless I tell the school otherwise.
•  I understand that I have until the end of February every year to notify the Belvoir Christian Academy Business Office of any changes in my plans of enrollment for my child(ren).
•  If I breach this contract by disenrolling my kindergarten through eighth grade child(ren) after March 1, I understand that I will be contractually obligated to pay 1 month of tuition as a penalty.
• If I breach this contract by disenrolling my kindergarten through eighth grade child(ren) on or after August 1, I understand that I will be contractually obligated to pay 2 months of tuition as a penalty.
•  If I breach this contract by disenrolling my infant through pre-school age child(ren), I understand that a two week notice of withdrawal is required. Monies owed will be the cost of tuition based on the number of weeks attended, including the two week notice.
•  Unique Circumstances: Belvoir Christian Academy recognizes that family plans change. For any unique circumstances (as listed above) families disenrolling after the announced deadline will be exempt from the 1 or 2 month(s) tuition penalty.

How do we notify the school if we are not planning to return the following year?

We have created an easy one-page opt-out form for your use. To notify the school that your child will not be returning in the fall, simply email [email protected] to request this form. The Business Office will schedule an appointment with the Principal for you to sign the form that will be given to you at the meeting. The form and meeting must be completed by the March 1 opt-out deadline. 

How do I benefit from this process?

Simplicity. Continuous Enrollment eliminates the annual re-enrollment process and paperwork involved.

Guaranteed placement. Placement in next year’s class is an increasingly sought-after spot. By opting into continuous enrollment, you’ll be locking down that coveted seat for your child until graduation.

What does this mean for new families?

New families will sign the Continuous Enrollment contract at the time they enroll their child(ren).  

What is the process for updating my information after I am continuously enrolled?

Parents may log into and update their information in HeadMaster any time during the year, and may also contact the school office with additional updates.

Each summer, we will ask parents to review and verify additional information through HeadMaster online as well as update information that requires annual submission. Parents will receive an email in July with a link to this verification process.

Who do I speak to if I have questions or concerns?

For questions about Continuous Enrollment, please contact [email protected] or 423-622-3755, Ext. 12.