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Tennessee state required immunizations 

By Tennessee State law, a child may not start in our program unless an immunization form is received and on file before the start date. Families may have their child's pediatrician, family physician or health department fax a copy to us at 423-622-0177, attention admissions. They may also bring in a copy from the physician or email it to [email protected]

Families who have moved here from another state are also required to have their child's most recent immunizations transferred to an official State of TN immunization form. If you have a local pediatrician upon moving to the area, they can transfer the immunizations from the state from which you moved to a TN form. If, however, you have not gotten established with a pediatrician, the Hamilton County Health Department can transfer immunizations to an official TN form. Call 423.209.8050, or visit HERE to get this process started (typically takes a week to complete). 

Families who have a medical or religious exemption for state immunizations must provide documentation from their child's pediatrician or family physician stating medical reasons for not being immunized. Parents must complete and turn in the Religious Exemption form if they are exempt due to religious reasons. 

TN State Immunization Requirements