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Sign Up to Volunteer

Click here!

Dear BCA Parents, Families, and Students,

Please click on the above link to select at least eight service hours that you can commit to attend and to volunteer. You are welcome to sign up for more service hours, if you like! Additional service hours opportunities will be added throughout the course of the school year. The sooner you sign up for an event, the more choices you will have regarding how and when you can volunteer.

Within two weeks of your designated event, you will receive a reminder call, text or email from a PTL board member or faculty representative with details about where to go, what to do, and what time you need to be there. You will also receive an automated email reminder five days before the event.

Thank you SO much for your willingness to help make these 2018-2019 PTL events a success, both for the school and for the students!

God bless,

Sarah Harr, PTL President