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welcome to music at BCA!

"Music Notes" from Dr. Harr:

Dear BCA families,

I am thrilled to be back at BCA teaching K-8 grade music! 

Next school year (2023-24), I'll be teaching music full-time, as well as helping with the middle school math curriculum. We're expanding the music program next year, so there are lots of exciting changes coming in the fall!

Class schedule:

All K-8 music classes are meeting at least twice a week this semester. We meet as individual classes in the music classroom, as well as ensembles (combined classes) - including handbells and choir. For the 2023-24 school year, we will be adding a 5-8 grade ukulele ensemble, in addition to bells and choir. K-2 students are working on rhythm and learning how to play several percussion instruments along the way!

Class curriculum:

All K-8 music classes cover the following general areas of study:

1. Music History (e.g. composer of the month study)

2. Music Listening (including talking about what we hear and going on music-related field trips)

3. Music Theory (i.e. learning how to read music)

4. Church Music (i.e. learning how and why the music in the church changes for the different liturgical seasons)


Kindergarten through 4th grade students will receive an Excellent, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory grade based upon class participation/attendance, attentiveness, and willingness to learn. We will have handouts to complete together based on class discussion, and the expectation is that all the music for school programs be memorized. 5th - 8th  grade students will receive a letter grade based upon class participation/attendance, willingness to learn, and handouts based on class discussion, and the expectation is that all the music for school programs be memorized. Participation in class discussion and overall attitude during class determines your child's participation grade, which constitutes half of the final grade for the class.

Thank you for the opportunity to teach music to your children! If you'd like to be a part of music education at BCA, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to call me, email me, or find me at school.

God's blessings,

Dr. Harr