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weather-related school closings/delays

When it is necessary for the school/childcare to close due to inclement weather (or possibility of), we want to remind/inform families on ways they can learn about our decision for closings or delays. 

Please tune into one of the three local TV stations or radio stations (ex., WDEF/92.3) for our announcement and check the main page of this website as well as our BCA Facebook page. We will also do our best to send out an email and/or text. 

We make our own decision concerning closings/delays, so we do not always follow Hamilton County's decision, as their decisions are often based on bus transportation. 

Please note that when BCA is closed, this also includes the Christian Children's Center for infants through Pre-K4. 

On days that have a delayed opening, BCA (kindergarten - 8th grade) and the Christian Children's Center (infants - Pre-K4) will open at the same time. There will be no early morning care for days that have a delayed opening time. We will open at the time that is announced. 

In addition, we may not always have a chance to send out a school-wide email, depending on the time that the final decision is made on a full-day closing, so again, please check this website's main page and Facebook to learn of closings or delays. 

Your child's teacher may also send out a group text for a class or post on their classroom's private Facebook page.