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alumni testimonials

"BCA has set an amazing example of what a Christian should look like for me. Principal Topp shows care and love throughout his teachings and he really does care deeply about each and everyone of us. Mrs. McCall who taught me for Art, Math and History is just such an amazing person, and she’s more like a friend rather than a strict teacher. She enjoys teaching us and it shows. If you are thinking about sending your kids to BCA, do it! I promise you won’t regret it! BCA will definitely have an impact on your child’s faith and academics. The teachers take extra time out of their day to make sure students aren’t falling behind or to make sure they’re doing their best work. Thank you BCA for everything you’ve done for me! 

                       - Micah Walker - Middle School student, 2022 

"Without all the wonderful students, teachers, and staff at Lutheran School, I would not be the person I am today. It is such a wonderful school! I have always known that whenever I have children, they would be attending Lutheran School/Belvoir Christian Academy. That is why my son, Emmett, will be attending soon, and come 2021, after our newest little one is born, he or she will be attending when the time comes. BCA is not just a school; it is a family - a family I will continue to be a part of for generations to come! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

                       - Lauren Coakley-Weatherford - Lutheran School Graduate, 2005

"BCA gave me a strong educational foundation and taught me to be involved in my community. It definitely helped shape me and encouraged me to stay driven as I continued my education. I hope to keep those guiding principles as I move on to the next stages in my life. Go Lions!

                      - Claudia Nelson - BCA Graduate, 2012 

"My father, Robert Meyer, attended The Lutheran School and has always been a strong supporter of Christian education. My whole family, all five of us kids, attended kindergarten through eighth grade there as well.

There are three strong influences in my early faith life: my parents, First Lutheran Church and The Lutheran School. I thank God every day that we had memory work. We learned Bible verses, the Catechism, hymns and more. A friend once said to me, "You know the words to all of these songs.", and the Lutheran School is why I do. Of course, going to church whenever there was a service also confirmed in my mind all of the memory work, but it really is true that what you learn when you are young stays with you throughout your life.

At the heart of all that memory work is Jesus Christ and the abundant life through faith. It is a blessed life with a foundation created so many years ago. I celebrate that life and honor my father who, in his gentle way, made Christ known to us and continues to do so."

                      - Jane Meyer-Otte - Lutheran School Graduate,  1964

"I have been at Belvoir Christian Academy my entire life. I’ve met so many friends here, and the teachers are like parents to me. My older siblings also went to school here since they were very young. This school is more than just a place to learn, it,s a place where I’ve made a family. Throughout my years here I have seen things change and it’s interesting to see how different the school is from how I remember it when I was younger, but this is still my school. I‘m sad that I’m leaving this year. This has been my life for ten years, and leaving is going to be hard, but this school has shaped me to be the person I am today and I thank all my teachers and friends for that."

                      - Jahel Valentin - BCA Graduate, 2020

“BCA has been like a family to me for ten years. All of the teachers had a part in my faith and education. They were persistent in educating me and always showed their kindness and help when I needed it. They were always there for me. The pastors have taught me about God and raised me in faith, but It wasn’t just family, friends, teachers and staff who helped me. God has been here with me, with us every step of the way.”

                   - Zoey Wilson, BCA Graduate, 2017, Valedictorian 

"BCA has done so much for me. They accepted me into their family. They always supported me. They helped mold me into who I am today. I know that they can help others do that too. Because of BCA, I felt prepared for high school. I will always remember BCA as a foundation for my life."

                  - Johannah Valentin, BCA Graduate, 2014 Valedictorian - graduate of Notre Dame H.S. 

"BCA has meant everything to me. It was like my second home. I made so many amazing friendships here. I don't know where I would be in my faith if it had not been for this school. I've learned so much academically and spiritually. I'm so thankful for the eleven years I got to spend here. I will always miss it." 

                   - Mary Catherine Chadwell, BCA Graduate, 2013 - graduate of Boyd-Buchanan H.S. 

“My time and education at BCA meant a lot to me. I can’t imagine not being in a school with such a loving, Christian environment. I will always keep the wonderful memories of my life at BCA.”

                    - Alex Patton, BCA graduate, 2012 - graduate of Boyd-Buchanan H.S., 

“BCA has meant a lot to me. It led me in the right direction to God. It affected me by the way I talk to people, the way I act around other people, my attitude and the way I treat others. BCA was like my home.”

                    - Kelsey Laster, BCA graduate, 2011 - graduate of Chattanooga Christian H.S. 

“BCA worked with me whenever I needed help, especially when I came to the school without speaking English. All of my teachers were great and supportive. Being at BCA was an amazing experience, and the school taught me values that I could take into my life.”

                     - Tina Tran, BCA graduate, 2008 - graduate of Girls' Preparatory School H.S.