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Student/alumni testimonials

 “BCA worked with me whenever I needed help, especially when I came to the school without speaking English. All of my teachers were great and supportive. Being at BCA was an amazing experience, and the school taught me values that I could take into my life.”

                     -Tina Tran, BCA graduate, 2008 - graduate of Girls' Preparatory School H.S.

“BCA has meant a lot to me. It led me in the right direction to God. It affected me by the way I talk to people, the way I act around other people, my attitude and the way I treat others. BCA was like my home.”

                    -Kelsey Laster, BCA graduate, 2011 - graduate of Chattanooga Christian H.S. 

“My time and education at BCA meant a lot to me. I can’t imagine not being in a school with such a loving, Christian environment. I will always keep the wonderful memories of my life at BCA.”

                    -Alex Patton, BCA graduate, 2012 - graduate of Boyd-Buchanan H.S.

"BCA has meant everything to me. It was like my second home. I made so many amazing friendships here. I don't know where I would be in my faith if it had not been for this school. I've learned so much academically and spiritually. I'm so thankful for the eleven years I got to spend here. I will always miss it." 

                   -Mary Catherine Chadwell, BCA Graduate, 2013 - currently attending Boyd-Buchanan H.S.

"BCA has done so much for me. They accepted me into their family. They always supported me. They helped mold me into who I am today. I know that they can help others do that too. Because of BCA, I felt prepared for high school. I will always remember BCA as a foundation for my life."

                  -Jo-Hannah Valentin, BCA Graduate, 2014 Valedictorian - currently attending Notre Dame H.S.