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Supplies parents must provide

Supply Fee: Students in Pre-K1 through Pre-K4 are required to pay a $35 supply fee twice per year (collected in August and February by account draft, or first fee at time of start). This amount covers art/craft supplies and snacks. 

We suggest that parents provide a directional sheet stating the amount of food to serve, preferred time of feeding, sleeping and diapering preferences, etc. so that caregivers are very clear on how you would like for your baby to be cared for each day. They will do their best to adhere to these directions. If your child has allergies or sensitivities to food/beverages, please also include this as a reminder on the sheet. 

Infants: diapers, wipes, bottles/sippie cups, baby food*, two fitted sheets for crib/pack-n-play, bibs, three changes of seasonal clothes. If you prefer to have diaper rash ointment/paste or powder (corn starch-based) applied, you must provide these items as well. 

*Parents must provide all food/beverages for infants until they are able to eat table food.

• Formula - Parents are asked to provide directions on how they would like to have their baby's formula prepared or warmed (bottle warmer, tap water, etc.) If you prefer us to prepare fresh bottles, please provide the formula. Parents may also send in bottled water if they prefer formula made with that. Otherwise, we will use tap water. We can also store pre-made frozen or fresh bottles of breast milk or formula. Please label all bottles and bottle caps. 

Please provide one extra bottle or extra milk/formula for emergencies. 

Swaddling: We will swaddle your baby, but please provide a written statement of request authorizing us to do so. 

Pre-K1 – Pre-K2: diapers, wipes, two sippie cups, change of seasonal clothes, overlay sheet for napping mat (we provide cots/mats) and blanket, pillow and sleep toy, if desired. Your child will use the same mat each day. Parents may take home blankets to wash as often as needed. 

Parents of infants through Pre-K2 will receive a daily sheet with detailed information about their child’s eating and toileting habits.

You may bring in large boxes of diapers, but please label the box. 

Pre-K3 – Pre-K4: Change of seasonal clothes, fitted overlay sheet, blanket and pillow for napping (we provide mats) and sleep toy, if desired. Children must be completely potty-trained to enroll in Pre-K3 or above.

*Dietary needs: Tuition for infants* through Pre-K4 includes a morning and afternoon snack as well as lunch. You will be provided a menu each month. However, if your child has any food allergies, please alert us to those. In addition, if families have dietary preferences (vegan, organic, etc.) for their child, they are welcome to send in their choice of baby food, snacks/lunch. We serve water, orange juice or milk for daily beverages. To ensure hydration, sippie cups with water are accessible to the children throughout the day. 

Special Event Days: We will inform you of items that you will need to bring on special days throughout the year. For example, during the summer, children in PK1 - PK4 have "water days" and other fun outside events, so you will need to send in a bathing suit, sunscreen, towels, etc. Teachers will keep parents informed through texts, emails and memos.