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At the Pre-K2 level, children must be at least 24 months old to move into this class. As they do in Pre-K1, the students will continue to follow together in a regular daily schedule that will include morning circle time to go over age-appropriate curriculum such as letters, sounds, numbers, colors, shapes and a Bible verse and story. They will also add more to their academic focus by including days of the week/month, lessons on weather and more. Curriculum time follows with a morning snack. Weather-permitting, children will play outside on the enclosed playground designed for their age group. Lunch is served in the classroom at 11:15 a.m., with nap time to follow. 


Lunch is included in weekly tuition for infants - Pre-K4. At this level, children are accustomed to eating lunch from our daily menu, as they began in Pre-K1. Parents will receive a monthly menu to review and modify for their child. For example, if parents choose for their child not to have a particular item on any given day, they may indicate that on the menu and communicate it to their child's teacher. Parents are welcome to bring in all food for their child if they prefer special dietary preferences or for food allergy reasons.

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:7 - In accordance with Tennessee State Child Care requirements, we may have up to 14 children in a Pre-K2 classroom, with a lead teacher and an aide. 


In addition to curriculum covered in morning circle time, teachers also read books to the students and provide fun art projects and  engaging sensory activities. Each day during the school year, teachers go over letters, sounds, numbers, colors, shapes and a Bible verse and story. They will also add more to their academic focus by including days of the week/month, lessons on weather and more. We follow a combination of lessons from Mother Goose Time. A monthly syllabus is posted outside the classroom during the school year. Summer months are more free-time with seasonal activities including water days, gymnastics, visits from local attractions such as a petting zoo, the Tennessee Aquarium and Creative Discovery Museum and more to bring fun activities to the children while they are in our care. 

Diapers (or Pull-Ups that open on the side), wipes, two sippie cups for water and milk, change of seasonal clothes, overlay sheet for napping mat (we provide cots/mats) and blanket, pillow and sleep toy, if desired. Your child will use the same mat each day. Parents may take home blankets to wash as often as needed. You may bring in large boxes of diapers and wipes, but please label the box(es).

Supply Fee: $50 due in August and February for Pre-K1 through Pre-K4 - Children do many hands-on art activities, and these fees provide the arts/crafts supplies and other classroom needs such as sanitizing wipes and hand gel, Kleenex, etc. 

During this stage, children often begin potty-training. Our teachers will reinforce your efforts here at school by offering a reward of your choice, if deemed appropriate by the parent. Children must be fully potty-trained to progress into Pre-K3. 


Under the Tennessee State childcare standards, children ages Pre-K4 and under must be provided at least an hour and half nap time. We provide a cot/mat for each child, but parents must provide bedding as mentioned in supplies. Your child will use the same mat each day.   


Parents of infants through Pre-K2 will receive a daily sheet with detailed information about their child’s eating and toileting habits. 

For enrollment information, or to schedule a tour, please contact admissions at [email protected] or 423.622.3755, ext. 12. 

Pre-K2 students may  participate in gymnastics offered at BCA each week, and will also have daily circle time to go over age-appropriate curriculum and rotate at the stations in their classroom. Teachers will go over letters, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week/month, weather and celebrate seasonal activities and holidays with arts and crafts activities. Students will also receive daily Bible stories and review their designated Bible verse for the week/month. 

Students in Pre-K1 - Pre-K4 receive Spanish instruction from Mrs. Liz Gibbons three times each week.