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BCA begins taking infants at age six weeks. Babies will stay in this class until they are at least one year old and are walking well. The maximum age is 15 months, but generally, all babies are walking and ready to move into the Pre-K1 class. 


Lunch is included in weekly tuition for infants - Pre-K4. When parents are ready to introduce table food to their infant (usually around six or seven months of age), we will begin offering lunch to them as well. Parents will receive a monthly menu to review and modify for their child. For example, if parents choose for their child not to have a particular item on any given day, they may indicate that on the menu and communicate it to our care givers. Parents are welcome to bring in all food for their child if they prefer to supply food from home. 

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:4 - In accordance with Tennessee State Child Care requirements, we may have up to 8 children in the infant classroom, with a lead teacher and an aide. 


Formula - Parents are asked to provide directions on how they would like to have their baby's formula prepared or warmed (bottle warmer, tap water, etc.) If you prefer us to prepare fresh bottles, please provide the formula. Parents may also send in bottled water if they prefer formula made with that. Otherwise, we will use tap water. We can also store larger pre-made portions of formula to pour into bottles, or frozen or fresh pre-portioned bottles of breast milk or formula. Please provide one extra bottle or extra milk/formula for emergencies. Please label all bottles and bottle caps. 

*Parents must provide all food/beverages for infants until they are able to eat table food.

Parents must also provide diapers, wipes, bottles/sippie cups, baby food*, two fitted sheets for crib/pack-n-play, bibs and three changes of seasonal clothes. If you prefer to have diaper rash ointment/paste or powder (corn starch-based) applied, you must provide these items as well. We cannot allow pillows, blankets, wedges or sleep toys in this stage of care. We suggest that families provide infant “Sleep Sacks” and layered clothing for warmth during naps.

Parents of infants through Pre-K2 will receive a daily sheet with detailed information about their child’s eating, drinking and toileting habits.


We will swaddle your baby, but please provide a written statement of request authorizing us to do so. Additionally, we are not allowed to have them sleep in a swing for naptime unless the parent has written permission from the pediatrician stating that sleeping in an upright position, such as in a swing, is conducive to proper digestion due to reflux issues. Otherwise, please prepare your baby to nap in a crib or Pack-and-Play. Younger infants will sleep in a crib initially, and then move to a Pack-and-Play once they are a bit older. Babies will sleep in the same crib/Pack-and-Play daily. 

For enrollment information, or to schedule a tour, please contact admissions at [email protected] or 423.622.3755, ext. 12.