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PTL Board

PTL Board Members and Homeroom Parents for 2017-2018

We appreciate all of the parents who have volunteered to act as PTL Board Members and Homeroom Parents for each classroom. 

PTL Board Members: 
Co-President - Amy Baker (mother of Brody, 3rd grade)
Co-President -  Sue Coulliette (grandmother of Samantha Woodfin, 6th grade)
Vice President - Steve Ray (dad of Jeff Ray, 7th grade) 
Secretary - Christy Rodgers (mom of Parker, 3rd and Camden, PK4)
Treasurer - Travis Rodgers (dad of Parker, 3rd and Camden, PK4)
Volunteer Coordinator and Homeroom Parent Liaison - Gayle Davis (grandmother of Nic, 5th and Alex, 2nd)
Fundraising Coordinator - Sheila Stephens (grandmother of Sophie and Sydney Stephens-Burnette, 4th grade)
Teacher Representative for Infants - PK4 grade - Jamie Sunderland, PK3 teacher (mom of Lucy, 1st)
Teacher Representatives for K -8th - Ann Bolden, K teacher and Ed Silva, 1st grade teacher (dad of Henry, 2nd and Emma, 1st) 

Homeroom Parents 
Mrs. Sunderland, PK3: Heather Walker (mom of Ruby)
Mrs. McIntyre, PK4 - Christy Rodgers (mom of Camden)
Mrs. Bolden, K - Barb Tew (grandmother of Charlie)
Mr. Silva - 1st grade - Kerri-Beth Tew (mom of Mason)
Mrs. Webb, 2nd grade - Tiffany Alsobrook (mom of Vivian) and Gina Furman (mom of Hannah)
Mrs. McCall, 3rd/4th - 3rd - Amy Baker (mom of Brody); 4th - Kerri-Beth Tew (mom of Grace) 
Mrs. Streufert, 5th - Mel Brannan (mom of Patti-Grace), Kathy Sykes (mom of Thomas) 
Mrs. Mietzner - 6th - 8th - Sue Coulliette (grandmother of Samantha Woodfin, 6th)