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BCA Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week: May 6-10, 2019

Dear BCA parents, families and friends,

We hope you will join us in celebrating our the annual National Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week here at BCA! We want to recognize and honor all of our teachers and staff who help make BCA better each day for our students. PTL volunteers will be providing a variety of breakfast treats and snacks throughout the week, but families are also encouraged to do a little something special as well, if they choose. 

If you are interested in giving them a gift and would like to know their gift preferences, please refer to the list below and click on the name to see their preferences, or contact me at [email protected] or [email protected], or you may contact Pam Slaten or Emily Patton in our administrative support and admissions staff at 423-622-3755. You may also have your child simply create a special card for them to give! 

Although our faculty and staff never expect any thanks for all that they do, they will appreciate any act of kindness from our families! 

Thank you for supporting the efforts by PTL during the week,

Dr. Sarah Harr, PTL president

Adrienne Buchanan - Aftercare
Alison Pugh - Infant room
Amanda Barnes - CCC Floater
Amber Barnes - PK3
Ann Bolden - Kindergarten
Bonnie Gilreath - PK2
Brittany Polk - PK3
Brittany Webb – 2nd
Cathy Butterworth - Middle School
Courtney Patty - Infants
David Topp - Principal
Ed Silva – 1st 
Emily Delinski - PK1
Emily Patton - Admissions Director
Erin McCall – 3rd/4th
Frank Streufert - Middle School
Haley Hastings - PK4
Jackie Courter - PK3
Jamie Steinmetz - PK2
Jamie Sunderland - PK4
Jane Mullinax - Business Manager
Jenny Woodrow - Middle School
Katie Lemons - PK2
Kerry Cox - PK2
Liz Gibbons - Spanish Teacher
Mariangie Mercado - PK3
Melissa Swafford - CCC Director
Melody Barnes – Infant room
Pam Slaten - Office Manager
Patrick Cooper - Substitute
Peggy Bilsten - Kindergarten 
Randi Streufert - 5th Grade
Ray Steinmetz – After care
Rhonda Bandy - PK1
Ron Middlebrooks - Maintenance
Sara McIntyre - PK4
Sarah Harr - Music Teacher
Sheri Patrick - PK4
Tiffany York - PK3
Vivian Warren - PK4