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Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Dear BCA parents, families and friends,

We hope you always enjoy honoring and celebrating our teachers each May during the annual Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week! Thank you for all that you do each year to make this a great week for them! 

However, if you are interested in giving them a gift any time of the year, birthday or Christmas, and would like to know their gift preferences, please refer to the list below and click on the name to see their preferences, or contact BCA's administrative support or admissions staff at 423-622-3755. 

Although our faculty and staff never expect any thanks for all that they do, they appreciate any act of kindness from our families any time of the year! 

CLICK ON NAMES to see a downloadable PDF profile sheet of each person's gift preferences!

Ann Bolden - 1st 

Brittany Webb – 2nd

Charity Masters - PK4 

Courtney Covington - PK2

Dale Catlin - Maintenance

David Topp - Principal

Emily Patton - Admissions Director

Erin McCall - 5th - 8th  

Jackie Courter - Child Care/After Care Assistant Director 

Jacob Morkert - Aftercare

Jamie Sunderland - RTI Specialist

Jake Seiler - After care

Jane Mullinax - Business Manager

JoAnn Seay - Child Care/After Care Director

Katie Jones - PK4 Aide

Katie Williams - 5th - 8th Grade

Kerry Cox - Infants

Kevan Harriss - PK3 Teacher

Liz Gibbons - Spanish Teacher

Nikki Gregg - PK1 Teacher

Rhonda Cross - PK3 Teacher

Sara McIntyre - PK4 Teacher

Sarah Barber - 34th grade and Athletic Director

Sarah Harr - Music teacher

Sidney Ware - Kindergarten

Skylar Harriss - Infants

Stephanie Moschkau - PK1 Teacher

Tim Fuller - Cafeteria Manager 

Terry Brumlow - PK1 Teacher

Vivian Warren - CC Assistant