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Lunch at bca

Our food services manager strives to provide a variety of food choices to include servings of fruits and vegetables, along with items that children are familiar with and enjoy. 

Students in kindergarten - eighth grade may purchase lunches on their account ($80 for  20 lunches or $40 for 10 lunches). Students who prefer to bring their lunch are welcome to do so. 

While BCA allows children to bring in items that have peanuts, we do provide a table for students who have peanut allergies to ensure that they avoid this allergen. Parents are asked to provide information on any type of food allergy on their child's medical emergency form.

One beverage is included with lunch, with choices of white, chocolate or vanilla-flavored 2% milk or orange juice.

Milk purchases on the account are $10 (20 milks) or $5 (10 milks).

Ice cream purchases are $20 (20 ice creams) or $10 (10 ice creams). Children are generally allowed to purchase one ice cream per week and must have eaten most of their lunch to do so.

(Lunch and two snacks (morning and afternoon) are included in the tuition for children in our infant - PK4 program.)

August 2018 Lunch Menu - K - 8th

August 2018 Lunch Menu - Infants - PK4 

Lunch Schedule during school year:

PK3 – 12:15 
PK4 – 12:25 
K – 11:15
1st Grade – 11;15
2nd Grade – 11:15
3rd/4th – 11:45
5th – 11:45 
Middle School – 11:30 
Infants, PK1, PK2 – (eat in classroom)