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What families and school administrators say about bca...

"Such a wonderful place to learn and to share the Gospel!"  

Sarah and James Harr 

"I can't say enough good things about this school. The best decision my husband and I have made for our child is sending him here for an education. The principal, the entire staff, the parents...they are wonderful!"  

Katie and Michael Wixom 

"What a blessing to be a part of this wonderful school. The entire staff is amazing! The environment/atmosphere is extremely welcoming and loving. Students learn in a nurturing environment and are given individual attention which allows them to thrive. The moment my son and I walked through the doors to tour we felt right at home. We immediately fell in love with every aspect of BCA and our love and appreciation for the school and staff grows daily. There is no school I would recommend over Belvoir Christian Academy.

Mayleah Broadrick

"We are a middle-class family trying to give our children the best education possible. Our older son attended BCA. He loved Mrs. Sara, his PK4 teacher, and grew to love the school and learned so much more than he would have if he were enrolled in another child care/school."

Kara Holm and Herb Pruitt

"We greatly appreciate all that Mrs. Williams, along with the rest of the BCA family, did for our son during his time there! I know that God had us there for that season to help him gain courage, confidence and grow his faith. I believe that his time there was exactly what he needed to prepare him and set him on the right path for his academic journey.”

Jennifer and Jon Denver

"I am very thankful for BCA! I truly believe my granddaughter is on the path God has for her due to the love and encouragement she has received here. The students are fr iendly and welcoming, and having a God-centered education has been wonderful. The continual reinforcement of core Biblical values she has received at BCA is such a blessing to me. There are extracurricular activities for varied interests. I enjoy BCA because my granddaughter has a safe place to grow and nurture good healthy relationships with other students and teachers."

Teresa Kinsey 

"I truly believe BCA has made an incredible difference in my grandson's cognitive, social, and behavioral development." 

Diane Raulston

"We love this school! I am so thankful for my son attending here and everyone involved in his education. We are more than blessed to be a part of this amazing family at Belvoir Christian Academy!"

Nikki Newton

"We thank God for all that BCA does to build faith and knowledge for the students. The love of Christ shines through at BCA!" 

Marty and Cindy Smith

"I love BCA! Best decision I ever made was enrolling my son here. He has moved up from Miss Jamie's PK2 class, but we will always love her, as well as Miss Katie and Mrs. Kerry! His first day with Miss Brittany went great in PK3, and we will love her just as much! Finally, I can’t say enough about Mrs. Liz, BCA's Spanish teacher. My son sings the “good morning” song she taught them in Spanish almost perfectly!”

Amanda Martin

"We love love, love BCA!!! It was a blessing! The teachers here were my daughter's constant when home was not. We absolutely adore Mrs. Kerry in PK2!!! 

Tonya Rose

"Our daughter really enjoyed Belvoir Christian Academy. Her teachers were great instructors and examples to our daughter in helping her develop into a strong young lady. Angela's Angels & Athletes has also helped her with developing better motor skills with gymnastics."

Jason and Elizabeth Medeiros

"Belvoir Christian Academy has been great to our family and the teachers are awesome. We loved Mr. Silva and Mrs. Woodrow! They prepared my baby well for Kindergarten!"

Aisha Hawkins-Higgin

"We are so blessed to have the opportunity have our granddaughter at BCA. I love the fact that they individualize instructions to meet, support and continue to encourage each student's academic need."

Mary Ann Kellis Roberts

We are so thankful for BCA where our sons learn not only academically but spiritually. We have had amazing teachers who loved them as their own while there with them. We couldn't have asked for better teachers and Godly women to teach them. We truly feel blessed that God allowed is to send them to BCA where we have made many wonderful friends!

Christy and Travis Rodgers

I truly think we were meant to be here. Through BCA we found our church home. It is a blessing to have a school that knows the children and families as individuals.

Jennifer Coulliette Woodfin

We love to enroll BCA students at Boyd-Buchanan School! These students are well-prepared for our challenging academics and transition easily into our student body. BCA students are some of the most well-mannered and polite young men and women I've ever met. They are well-rounded and hard-working students who embrace educational opportunities. We are thankful at BBS to have such a wonderful group of students come to us each year from Belvoir Christian Academy.

Renee Hood, High School Principal, Boyd-Buchanan School

We feel BCA not only well-equipped our daughters educationally with their high standard of academic achievement and core curriculum taught, but also with their high standards of moral values. In a world where morals, integrity, honesty and compassion are viewed as afterthoughts and even weaknesses, BCA instilled a solid foundation in our children. A foundation giving them the strength and knowledge to strive and become all that they are meant to become - strong, confident young women ready to make a difference in the world.

Tim and Libby Eachus

We have had three children attend BCA. One continued at a public high school, one at a private high school, and one at a magnet high school. Each one of our children was very well prepared for their next level of education and enjoyed academic success largely due to the preparation received at BCA.

Jimmy and Debbie Smith

Both of our children attended BCA from pre-school through eighth grade, and we would do it again! Not only are they academically prepared to enter the high school of their choice, but well-grounded in their faith of Jesus Christ as their Savior. We feel they are well-equipped to meet the challenges ahead of them. The faculty and staff at BCA truly care about their success as individuals and makes many sacrifices on their behalf.

Craig and Jane Mullinax

When we first thought about BCA, we were excited about the “mission” that Christ calls BCA to educate any child of whatever race, economic status or religious background. As a bi-racial family working in the inner city, this was very important to us. BCA has continued to be consistent with this mission. BCA teachers love our children and know how to teach them. It makes BCA a place that, as parents, we feel assured that our children are not only personally cared for but also that the staff and faculty desire to see them academically flourish.

Jim and Michele Pickett

We are very pleased with our decision to send our daughter to BCA. The small class sizes help to ensure that she gets individualized attention, and the teachers and staff are wonderful! You can tell that the faculty and staff really love the kids and work hard to help them recognize and realize their academic and spiritual potential.

Kevin and Noelle Beck

Our son graduated from BCA after attending for ten years, and he has grown in many ways, most importantly spiritually. Because of the daily biblical lessons and opportunities he had to lead prayer, he feels confident when he is asked to speak or pray for a group and feels knowledgeable about the Bible. The teachers and academics are exceptional at BCA, and the spiritual foundation that has been laid for him will help lead him to be the man that he needs to be.

Gil and Emily Patton

For both of our boys, Belvoir Christian Academy has been a wonderful, nurturing experience. The faculty and staff have been like family. Since their first days in Pre-K, we have felt like our children have been challenged and encouraged to learn. We are very pleased with the academic foundation that BCA has provided.

Jim and Lora Finley

We would recommend BCA to anyone wanting a rigorous, yet loving Christian educational experience for their children.

Jose and Kym Chavez

As a former Director of Admissions, I had the pleasure of welcoming students of Belvoir Christian Academy. They were true assets to the school, coming in with both a solid academic background and a willingness to grow. The foundation BCA provides allows their students to engage, critically think and actively participate in a college-prep environment. 

William Newberry, formerly with McCallie School