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notes from ms. dahnke, head of school

Tonight is the Dancing Through the Decades event for families of BCA. We hope to see many of you there. We also were able to visit the students' Living Museum today where the students dressed up and told us information about a character from history that they had chosen. After listening to these students, it was obvious that we have been blessed with those who have shaped our country and who invented those things we take for granted. If we stop and think about these two thematic events, they are probably more symbolic than we realize for a school such as BCA. 

This summer, we will celebrate 130 years that this school has been in the Chattanooga area. This school has been dancing through thirteen decades to be exact. Think about that for a minute - 130 years of serving God's children and families in this area to know more about loving Him, serving Him, having a relationship with Him, and learning about His world through a Christian education. 

Much has changed over the years. This morning, we spent some time explaining how to use a dial-up land-line phone to a student. Then, we started talking to her about rotary dial phones and even the phones that needed someone to turn a crank to call an operator. Technology was not even thought about 130 years ago. Even power and electricity were less than advanced when BCA first started out as The Lutheran School. That does not begin to address how our families have changed. As many of you remember, there was a time when things did not look good for most private, Christian schools because of the downturn of the economy. However, God continued to bless BCA during that time and we continue to see our enrollment grow, even today. 

There is a very familiar quote that I am sure you have heard. "God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good." I think Shelby tells me this at least once a day and when I see students roaming the halls, talking with friends, laughing on the playground, and studying in class, I am reminded of this and the heritage that BCA enjoys now and the heritage that we are forming for those who come after us. 

Not only does BCA have a history, but so do each of you. If you had to draw out your timeline, you would be able to see how much you have changed over the years. Yes, you have grown in size and stature but your spiritual life has grown, too. The highs and lows on your timeline have made you the person you are today. No one wants to see the lows or to re-think any of the bad things that he/she has been through but many of those experiences also are followed by some of the best times of one's life because those times cause us to lean heavily on our Lord and Savior. 

Dance through the decades, even though there may be pain and suffering, because God is good all the time and all the time, God is good! He is our past, present and future. He will carry you when you need it, push when you need a nudge, and hug you when you need His arms to surround you.